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New paper on the legal and extra-legal causes of grey wolf conservation success

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A paper written by Gavin Marfaing following his Master dissertation supervised by Julien Bétaille and Guillaume Chapron

The retrospective study of the “return” of the grey wolf in France and in Europe is an ideal case study for trying to evaluate the impact of the law in achieving environmental objectives. This type of research requires a particularly complex quantitative, not to say empirical, approach. However, it is possible to begin by listing the criteria, legal or extra-legal, which contribute to the achievement of the studied goal. It has been identified that the major legal cause of the species’ return is the inclusion of the objective of its conservation in the European legal system. Other secondary legal factors have also been identified. Precisely, the role of the associative litigations related to the protection of species has been quantitatively studied. Nevertheless, several extra-legal factors, ecological or biological in this case, are also important to consider.

Marfaing, G., 2023. Etude des causes juridiques et extra-juridiques du succès de la conservation du loup gris. Revue Juridique de l’Environnement 48, 55–68.

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