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Forthcoming conference on the Habitats Directive

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Several project researchers will speak at a conference in Brussels next month:

The Conference ‘The Habitats Directive as game changer for nature and law in the European Union: emerging trends and novel approaches’ will take place in Brussels (Turn and Taxis) on December 13 and 14, 2022.

The hybrid conference, organised by three Belgian universities, will include contributions of many renowned speakers on the transformational character of the EU Habitats Directive, which celebrated its 30th birthday this year. Recent jurisprudence illustrates that this cornerstone of EU environmental law is gradually turning into an unexpected hallmark of ecological law, capable of regulating not only classic threats to endangered species and habitats, such as overhuning and direct habitat destruction, but also tackling more systemic lock-ins, such as intensive agriculture, fossil-based infrastructure andpesticide use.  Attendees will also learn more on how the EU Habitats Directive might align with novel governance models, such as rights of natureecological restoration and  adaptive management, thus exploring new horizons in ecological law. Apart from this, attendees will be given the chance to learn more about topical issues, such as strategic litigation, enforcement and urban biodiversity. More information about the programme and scope of the conference can be found in the folder attached to this mail.

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